Happy Two Paintings


Happy Twos Paintings is starting up! Me and my friend, Jaedlyn (p0etic-vibes), are painting original paintings and requests to be sold. Our motto is ‘paint for your soul’. We want people to be happy when they get our paintings. We just want to spread love and joy through our creative talents to everyone! Follow us on Instagram @H2sPaint! We will be posting soon!
For any further questions or speculations regarding anything, please do not hesitate to ask. Contact us at Happy2spaint@gmail.com

We’d love your support!

Positivity Journey

I recently created this ‘journey’ to help me stay positive and gain confidence. I started it yesterday with my beautiful friend. If you want a way to help you stay positive, you should do this.

Here’s what I do:

Every morning, I wake up with my favorite song (which can also be a picture) to start my day off in a good mood. Every night, I write in my journal one thing I love about myself (or something good that happened that day) and explain why. Every week, I do something I love at least once. But I try to do things I love every day. For example, I like to paint and read and write poetry. Every day, I also try to eat clean and exercise. Finally, (the most important part) if I ever feel negative or sad or if I fall hard that day, I have to remind myself that everything will be okay.

I’ve been struggling with depression for the past month or so. I’m tired of the sadness. So I’ve been working on making myself better and being happy.

This is something I made up from nowhere. So it’s not flawless. But, I think it will help me. And others too.

Enjoy if you follow through with this. Let me know if you are and update me on your progess! I’d love to see how my Positivity Journey has helped others.



Do you remember when I would trace letters and words on your skin? How did that feel? Do you remember?